Ok I start it up …

I am not happy about the way widget support is handled, I feel we should not compromised our businesses to accommodate WP structural decisions at the cost of usability. No for this tag, no for that one, no for this widget, yes for that one, no html, no last.fm, no this, no that !? What […]

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Hello world’s bloggers!

Welcome to this experimental WordPress user group, obviously under early stage of construction. Look around to get an ideas of the topic and comment out everything you have to say about it … Stay tunes for more!

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For now you just register here if you have an issue with your usage of WP hosted blog services, did not get your problem addressed by the staff using classic means such as support forum or are just not satisfied with the answer / resolution offered to you by the staff.

This is a kind of attempt to create a user group, we will only mean business when a certain critical mass will be reached. I mean, two people going bla bla bla is a loss of time so lets see first how many of you are motivated to make things change so you can get what you want here rather than compromizing or worst having to move…

The number of users will define the future of this blog, it may be dropped right away, or become a supporting user group, a more implicated watchdog or a militant user defense program LOL.